Boots launches NOUGHTY, a leading line of hair care products

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Boots Retail Thailand, a leading manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty products. Launched leading hair care products from England. Under the NOUGHTY brand for the first time in Thailand. Free from animal-derived ingredients, parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, and silicones, it offers a soft and fragrant feel and is gentle enough to be used by the entire family. Rescue) change dry, frizzy and damaged hair to look healthy again. 

Add moisture to dehydrated hair to come back soft to the end, including shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, and NOUGHTY Wave Hello treatment, shampoo and conditioner for women. Say goodbye to the days that used to have hair condition Transforms hair. Cookie (NOUGHTY Tough Cookie) Shampoo and Conditioner Helps reduce the problem of brittle hair easily. Nourishes weakened hair to become stronger again.

NOUGHTY To The Rescue products include:

1. To The Rescue Shampoo Booster Hydration

It 250 ml. 295 baht price with sunflower seed extract. Add moisture to the hair With extracts from sweet almonds Replenish moisture to make hair soft and smooth. Help restore dry hair, frizzy hair, and damaged hair to come back soft to strong ends again.

2. To The Rescue Conditioner Booster Hydration

It is size 250 ml, price 295 baht. Hair health with extracts of sunflower seeds. Sweet almond and shea butter extracts keep the hair soft and smooth. Combine a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil. Eliminate the problem of hair tangling Retains moisture Add shine to the hair.

3. To The Rescue Intense Moisture treatment

It is 300 ml size, price 350 baht, intensive hair care treatment Restoring dry and damaged hair from chemical processes Change your dry and damaged hair back to strength with extracts from Black Oats (Black Oats) to condition the hair for moisture and shine. Restores hair moisture, shea butter extract and coconut oil. That deeply nourishes and repairs damaged hair Let me come back to life

4. To The Rescue Anti Fizz Serum

It is size 75 ml, price 350 baht, revitalizes your hair with sweet almond extract and oil extracts. Argan Reduce frizzy hair problems Increase the flexibility of the hair Add nutrients to nourish hair with extracts from wheat beam. Reduce hair tangles and split ends. Free from parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and sulfates, protect hair and transform dry and damaged hair back to moisture again. Rescue your dry hair to be soft and soft to the tip

●NOUGHTY Wave Hello

  • Say goodbye to curly hair. With extracts of avocado oil Helps to bounce curls, soft curls, look moist, healthy, add fresh scent with Ocean Fresh scent.
  • Wave Hello Shampoo (Wave Hello Shampoo) size 250 ml, price 295 baht, add food to nourish hair with an extract of avocado oil. And plants rich in antioxidants Restore moisture to the hair. Make hair scales soft to the touch Combine ingredients from chlorella. Strengthens the hair to be strong, not brittle, easily broken. With amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are important for hair Restores hair with SLMI (Sodium Lauryl Methyl Isethionate), a surfactant derived from coconut.
  • Wave Hello Conditioner (Wave Hello Conditioner) 250 ml. Price 295 baht mixed with avocado oil extract. Rich in vitamins Help lock in moisture. Maintaining healthy hair Kelp seaweed extract Loaded with vitamins, minerals and minerals that are beneficial for the hair. Chlorella algae nourishes hair, strengthens hair and amino acids, along with vitamins and minerals that are important for hair. Help curls bounce, soft curls looking healthy, healthy, say goodbye to curly hair, do not like you

● NOUGHTY Tough Cookie

Focuses on protecting hair from pollution and toxic smoke Fused. With ingredients extract from nature. Full of antioxidants Whether it’s Billberry, Sea Buckthorn and Cloudberry. And ingredients extract from wheat bran. And strengthen the health of the hair to be stronger, consisting of

  • Tough Cookie Shampoo (Tough Cookie Shampoo) size 250 ml, price 295 baht, rich in powerful antioxidants. With extracts from Bilberry, Sea Buckthorn, Cloud Berry Helps protect and nourish hair with anti-pollution technology. Combined with extracts from grains. Helps protect hair from pollution conditions, restoring damaged hair, helping hair look shinier, stronger
  • Tough Cookie Conditioner (Tough Cookie Conditioner) size 250 ml, price 295 baht, protect hair from pollution, grain extracts. Helps reduce the problem of brittle hair easily. Restoration of hair to be stronger

Experience a new dimension of hair care products today at all Boots stores nationwide. Online shop Lazmall on Lazada, ShopeeMall on Shopee, Boots Mobile Application and follow more information on and ufabet